[Lumen EATS] Immune-Boost Chicken Soup

Kris Taylor

To preface this post - I wanted to share the fact that Erin Willis, nutritionist and holistic cannabis coach, created this recipe during her "6 Days of Lumen" challenge as a way for her to spice up her routine a bit! If you haven't checked out her post on the challenge, I highly recommend it :) - Kris, Lumen Co-Founder - - - Immune-Boost Chicken Soup ~ serves 2-4 ~ Featured Contributor: Erin Willis | Mother Indica & Flower Belly   Ingredients 2 Immune Regenerative Hemp Elixirs (4 oz. total) 1 tbsp. coconut oil ½ yellow or white onion, chopped 2 garlic...

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Yasir Hashim 1 comment

A couple months back, I met a successful individual that proclaimed they only sleep for four hours a day. I immediately made the assumption that their success must be due to the extra 3-4 hours in their day and their unwavering dedication to work. I now think it is the latter and not so much the lack of sleep.   Living in the Bay Area, the topic of sleep has again made it to the forefront of my thoughts. I constantly hear that “sleep is for the weak” or “nobody has time for sleep”. I find it hard to believe that the most...

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